Ion zetels

Sustainability, innovation and style take centre stage in everything we do.

As a property developer and real-estate investor, ION specialises in mixed complex projects, both in speculative developments, as well as in public-private partnerships and custom projects.

Innovative real estate development with added value for man and the environment.

Our spirit

Develop Nature

We develop sustainable projects in a climate-friendly manner. And we don’t stop upon delivery. We make it as easy as possible for users to live and work sustainably thanks to heat networks, green mobility and green roofs, among others.

Develop Change

We challenge ourselves day in, day out to do better. We apply the latest techniques, choose bold architecture and opt for innovative approaches. The drive to be different is part of our team’s DNA.

Develop Design

ION breathes simplicity and quality. That’s the style we aim for in everything we do. First of all, in the design of our projects, but just as well in our working environment and communication. At ION, beauty is everywhere.