About ION

Sustainable, innovative and stylish in everything we do.

Innovative projects with added value for people and the environment.

As a leading property developer and real estate investor, we don't believe in resting on our laurels at ION. We push boundaries for a quality living environment, for living and working in the most innovative way. Always with high-end architecture, underpinned by an ambitious concept that exceeds all expectations for a sustainable future.

Paul Thiers
A sustainable future is our first priority.
Paul Thiers
- Chairman & Co-founder

Developments across the Benelux


Developed since ION's inception

3.351 M

Market value of ongoing projects

280 M

Investment capacity of ION Residential Platform (IRP)

From left: Kristof Vanfleteren, Paul Jr. Thiers, Davy Demuynck and Paul Thiers

Develop, invest and manage.

As one of the leading real estate players in Belgium, ION's various real estate activities can no longer be classified under a single name.

Since the very beginning, ION has been developing prestigious real estate projects, from high-end residences to urban area developments. Over the years, we have also gained a lot of expertise as a real estate investor, coordinating large-scale real estate projects for various building owners.


ION develops a wide range of properties, from residential to commercial. Our development portfolio is spread across Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.


As a real estate investor, we buy or develop assets, and hold them in portfolio. With the ION Residential Platform (IRP), we invest in quality and affordable rental housing in Belgium.


As a project manager, ION coordinates real estate projects from A to Z. Think of the redevelopment of the iconic Boerentoren tower in Antwerp, or the offices of US global player Medpace in Haasrode.

Established in Waregem

ION was founded in 2011 at Franklin Rooseveltlaan in Waregem. Founders Davy Demuynck, Kristof Vanfleteren and Paul Thiers embarked on their real estate adventure with just a few employees and a healthy dose of ambition.

Premier Development Fund

With a strong commitment to integrate sustainability into all our projects, 2015 saw the creation of Premier Development Fund 1 (PDF1), our first investment fund for a select group of investors. The fund has an investment capacity of €30 million and focuses mainly on residential real estate projects.

Opening of an office in Brussels

Following ION's rapid growth, the company opened an office in the centre of Brussels in October 2018 to ensure an active presence in Belgium's primary property market.

Relocation to Waregem Business Park

The entire ION family moves to Waregem Business Park, at that time the most sustainable office building in Belgium.

Opening of the Antwerp office

In 2020, we win the tender procedure for the Boerentoren in Antwerp, and the opening of our Antwerp office soon follows. This year also marks the establishment of Premier Development Fund 2 (PDF2) with an investment capacity of €123 million for a diverse group of 74 investors.

Launch of ION Residential Platform

In 2021, we launched ION Residential Platform (IRP), a joint venture with Bouwinvest & CBRE with an investment capacity of €280 million, with the vision of focusing on quality and affordable rental housing in Belgium's major cities.

ION Hockey League

ION sponsors Belgian premier league hockey, renamed the ION Hockey League, with the ambition of becoming the best hockey league in the world. With ION as the driving force behind the competition's professionalisation, the sponsorship earned the silver medal at the Belgian Sponsorship Awards.

Joint venture with Omnes

ION and French private equity firm Omnes Capital sign a cooperation agreement to establish a development fund with a capital of €35 million. The available capital will be used for new environment-friendly developments in Belgium and Luxembourg.

MIPIM nomination for Monteco

In January 2024, our Monteco project, the first high-rise office building with a wooden structure in Brussels, is shortlisted for the prestigious MIPIM Awards in the 'Best office & business project' category. A great recognition for the whole team and a milestone for ION!


Our mindset

A consistent story of sustainability, innovation, and architecture.

From iconic residential developments and pioneering office buildings to custom construction projects and large-scale urban renewal projects offering an innovative mix of living and working solutions, since its inception, ION has been developing prestigious real estate projects that attest to our cohesive vision of sustainability, innovation and architecture.


We develop sustainable projects in a climate-friendly way, drawing on innovative, ecological systems to provide maximum living and working comfort.


We challenge ourselves every day to do even better. We set the bar high for ourselves and others with bold architecture and ground-breaking techniques because of our drive to be different.


ION is synonymous with class and ambition: we build iconic, progressive projects and excel in simplicity and austerity. Beauty is at the heart of everything we do.

ESG as a guiding principle

Corporate social responsibility is in ION's DNA. The ESG pillars 'environment', 'social' and 'governance' guide everything we do - both in our operations and in our projects and financing of affordable rental housing.

Hanne Dekeukeleire
Looking for things to do better: it's in our nature. It's no secret that at ION we always strive for the best, the craziest and the most beautiful.
Hanne Dekeukeleire
- Chief Operating Officer

Our landmarks

Projects we are proud of.

ION specialises in mixed complex projects, both speculative developments and Public-Private Partnerships and customised projects (Build to Suit). Besides residential real estate, we also develop commercial real estate including offices, shops, logistics infrastructure and hotels. In PPP constructions, we develop a diverse range of student campuses, sports infrastructure and laboratories.