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Welkom bij ICONIC

ICONIC, the no-nonsense ION magazine that challenges you to take some time for yourself. In this world of architecture, art, sustainability and new insights, we leave the fluff behind. Here it's all about concrete discoveries and inspirations that you can apply immediately.


In 2011, we launched ION with a fresh approach that still moves people. ICONIC gives you a glimpse into the past, where the youthful energy behind ION stimulated concrete actions and thoughts. Discover how our no-nonsense approach to project development remains relevant and practical.

Our vision

Delve into the core of ICONIC and discover how our vision of project development can inspire you in concrete terms. This ne is not a woolly manifesto; it is a practical reflection of ION's history and future. In every page, expect insights you can put to immediate use, and let ICONIC broaden your view of project development with viable ideas.

#The ninth edition

It’s no secret that, at ION, we always strive for the best, the craziest and the most beautiful. Discover eye-catching architectural gems, learn more about the clever use of green energy on construction sites and read up on the latest cutting-edge developments in the real estate industry in the ninth edition of ICONIC magazine!

Let our vision of project development inspire you in any way it can.