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Investing in flats

Investing in flats

Buying a flat is a wise, long-term investment. In today's booming rental market, demand for flats remains high, especially in or near cities. Prices are also rising in step with this rise in demand. That way, investors can be sure of their yield. In time, you can sell your property with a capital gain or live in it yourself.

The benefits of investing in flats

  • Certainty, given the ever-increasing demand and the continuous rental market
  • Stable income with good yields
  • Nice value-added potential
  • Hassle-free all-in management for some developments
Investing in real estate from ION is and will always be a smart move, even in the long run. Our developments place great emphasis on triple-A locations, sustainability and architecture, benefiting the property's resale value and the costs associated with living in the property.
Thomas Dejagere
- Head of Sales

Flats as investment opportunities

At ION, we have a diverse portfolio of developments and flat types. Thanks to their premium locations and unique architecture, they attract a diverse tenant base. We prioritise sustainability across all our projects, ensuring all our flats are completely future-proof and continue to hold appeal for tenants in the future. This benefits investors and residents alike: the property's resale value remains high while the energy costs for tenants or residents fall.

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Thomas Dejagere
Head of Sales
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