Senior housing development, in response to our ageing population

Investing in extra-care housing

Senior housing development as an investment

Extra-care housing units are flats that cater to the specific needs of the elderly. They are the perfect solution for active older adults who want to live independently but could do with some help. For example, residents of extra-care housing have access to several communal services, and their flats are equipped with the latest technologies to increase their comfort and safety.

Centrally located

ION always develops extra-care housing units in city centres, within walking distance of most amenities and shops. By partnering with local nursing homes and a good operator, we guarantee you a hassle-free investment. Moreover, we always strive for high architectural and structural quality and the highest level of service and care. This ensures easy rental and the opportunity to enjoy all this luxury and comfort yourself when the time comes.

Attractive investment

By investing in extra-care housing, you respond to such trends as a rapidly ageing population and rising property prices, in addition to benefiting from an attractive investment, thanks in part to the fact that we take the burden off your hands. Moreover, the yield of this type of property is relatively high and the risk low.

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