Townhouse ION
Sold for 100%

Townhouse - Kortrijk

Investment value

10 million EUR


2700 m2




Start of construction works spring 2019
Townhouse ION

Exclusive living along the Leie near the dynamic center of Kortrijk

Townhouse is an important part of an extensive residential renovation project in the Overleie district. 18 quay houses and apartments with a view of the Leie and the inner garden, supplemented by 2 semi-detached houses in the inner courtyard, executed in an innovative residential typology. An underground parking garage (accessible via Kollegestraat) and a central courtyard connect Townhouse and Overlys.

Due to an intelligent link design, the residential units are intertwined with each other, but they also function completely independently. Every house and / or apartment has her own entrance hall and is directly accessible via the lift from the underground parking garage. On the two top floors, the lift leads directly into the private area. The residential units range from 2 to 5 bedrooms and vary between approximately 90 and 200 m2 (excluding terrace). In the architectural design, a flexible layout of the spaces was taken into account. A personal buyer supervisor will help you put together the Townhouse of your dreams.

Townhouse excavation work

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