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Suikerpark - Veurne

Investment value

+110 Million EUR




A1AR B-architecten Denc!-Studio Delva Landscape Architects Areal architecten


Phased development from 2017 until 2029


WVI Stad Veurne Topokor Furnibo
Living, relaxing and working in the green surroundings of a city park, in the middle of picturesque Veurne.
Matthieu Pacco
Business Unit Manager
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Veurne, the city that offers everything

Living, relaxing and working in the green surroundings of a city park, in the middle of picturesque Veurne. It is just one of the factors that makes Suikerpark a complete story and a leading urban development project. Suikerpark amazes everyone by the unique combination of extensive nature, innovative architecture and vibrant life. All this on the edge of the historic city center, on a site that, with its rich history, immediately tells a nice story for the future owners. The project gives new impetus to life in Veurne, which also explains the baseline “Innovative Veurne”. As a project developer, we strongly believe in sustainable designs, encased in high-quality architecture, with special attention to new living. Suikerpark meets these pillars in every respect. We are therefore very proud that, together with WVI and the City of Veurne, we can turn this unique site into a new district.

Veurne means coming home to the authentic character of a flourishing polder city.
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Living, relaxing and working in the green of the city? Suikerpark offers many possibilities.

Suikerpark will be a new district of about 18 hectares and is located next to the historic city center of Veurne. It will be a vibrant place where living, relaxing and working come together harmoniously in a large city park. There is room for classic forms of housing such as houses and apartments in different price ranges, but there will also be dyke houses on the water and studio houses, where living and working can be perfectly combined.

Suikerpark will be the vibrant extension of the city center of Veurne and will have many nice places in a great atmosphere. It will be a creative environment where greenery inspires and
the innovative incubator stimulates entrepreneurship. In addition to the architectural Suikertoren, the Suikerplein will also have a gallery with shops and various cozy terraces, where it will be pleasant to spend time with friends and family. The eye-catcher is undoubtedly the impressive water element, which is a source of pleasure for young and old. You can get a taste of culture at the events square with the grandstand. You can enjoy the peace and nature at the fishing pond and the hammock zone. Suikerpark not only connects homes with the landscape, but also makes the center more accessible than ever with the new bicycle bridge over the Lovaart and the green bicycle and pedestrian axis.

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