Last 3 apartments for sale

Waterfront - Waregem

Investment value

55 million EUR




B2ai Wielfaert architecten


Start of construction works in september 2019


Steenoven Alheembouw

The new skyline in Waregem

Living, working, accommodation and recreation come together in Waterfront. The two residential towers, Ascot and Windsor, form the heart of this prestigious total project. At a stone's throw from the city center, on the stadium ponds, Waterfront is in a prime location. Numerous leisure options and shops, from clothing stores to restaurants and bars, are within easy reach.

Enjoy 365 days
All apartments have spacious terraces and at lower temperatures it remains just as cozy thanks to a unique winter terrace.

Unique architecture

The southern edge of Waregem, surrounded by the Gaverbeek valley, is characterized by large green plains. To stimulate this natural environment, Waterfront is transforming the Zuiderlaan into a traffic-friendly, liveable city boulevard.

The various parts of the Waterfront are situated in such a way that the free-standing space is optimally used without it becoming too busy. The boulder-shaped office building marks the corner of a new urban square, flanked by the hotel with a bar and terrace on the ground floor. The towers, Ascot and Windsor, are the heart of the project. They are made up of 13 storeys and are equipped with a spacious entrance hall, a multipurpose room and a user-friendly bicycle lift. The design's footprint remains limited by the cantilevering of the residential towers. This also maximizes the open view for each apartment.

Surrounding tall trees communicate with the buildings. They look lively thanks to the stone façade edges, interspersed with glass balustrades and exclusive winter terraces. This is only a fraction of the architectural added value that Waterfront offers.

Each element on the site is characterized by a striking appearance, which contributes to the strong identity and remarkable flexibility of the project. The office building and hotel are notable for their round shape and horizontal borders. The residential towers catch the eye thanks to the serrated terrace edges, resulting in a sculptural impression. A worthy new gate to Waregem that thoroughly redesigns the skyline.

A maximum number of corner apartments

A special Y-structure, reinforced by the unique serrated shape of the terraces, gives a maximum number of corner apartments.

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