Thoughtful and flexible designs

Sustainable future

In all our projects, we strive for the ideal balance of aesthetics, functionality and sustainability, always with a long-term view. We work with top architects and emphasize thoughtful design, with flexibility for future repurposing. Circularity and multifunctionality guide our approach, with a focus on detachability and adaptability for new uses.

Furthermore, we optimize the building envelope and layout for improved energy efficiency and utilize space intelligently by combining different functions within a space. Shared parking use, both for office and visitor parking and for resident parking in the evenings, is encouraged. Adequate bicycle parking facilities as well as wide walking and cycling paths contribute to the future of sustainable mobility.

Our designs include green spaces and park areas with special attention to biodiversity. We consider sunlight and overheating through canopies and trees and strategically place spaces and features in relation to the sun.
Victor Verburgh
- Design Director

Our sustainability efforts are supported by using recognized sustainability labels such as WELL and BREEAM. In addition, ION uses the Flemish government's measurement tools, such as GRO or the Duurzaamheidsmeter Wijken, where we can measure how much better we score in terms of sustainability than the legal framework compared to other companies. Finally, we perform life cycle analyses (LCA) to assess and optimize the environmental impact of our designs throughout their life cycle.