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Delivery Q4 2022
Monteco Terrasse
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Welcome to Monteco

The project Monteco is the first high rise office building with an exposed wooden structure in Brussels. The striking design and high quality materials were chosen with the environment and location in mind, thereby creating a unique experience for anyone entering the building.

Additionally, the rooftop terrace offers a breathtaking view of the European quarter and the floor-to-ceiling windows provide a real sense of space and brightness. The building also includes an underground parking garage with ample parking and recharging points, as well as bicycle parking directly connected to the locker rooms and showers.


In the heart of the European district

The wooden building is located in the center of the European district of Brussels. Only 10 km from the airport, Monteco is very well served by public transport such as metro and bus and is easily accessible by car. Moreover, the building is surrounded by stores, restaurants, amenities and everything you could possibly need.

Monteco inside

Green offices

Wood is without a doubt one of the most environmentally friendly materials available today, as it is a natural carbon sink and is fully recyclable. This focus on the environment is reflected in every aspect of the building:

  • The structure is made entirely of PEFC-certified wood, which means that the wood used comes from within 500 km of the construction site.
  • On the green roof, a water collection system will collect rainwater while photovoltaic cells will produce green energy.
  • Heat pumps and solar panels will provide environmentally friendly and efficient heating, ventilation and cooling.
  • Inside, motion detected LED lighting, an advanced air circulation system, and the data driven heating and cooling all create a smart and sustainable work environment.

Moving towards a more sustainable future

Work in progress

The new building counts 8 floors above ground, of which the last 2 are set back in one piece. The entire building will be used by the private bank Nagelmackers, who already has a long-term lease agreement with Nextensa.

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