ION Residential Platform (IRP)

Our answer to the growing demand for affordable rentals in Belgium.

ION Residential Platform

IRP is our answer to the growing demand for affordable and quality rental housing in Belgium's major cities. Founded in 2021, IRP is our country's first institutional unlisted housing platform. After all, everyone has the right to sustainable and affordable housing. IRP is our way of realising this vision.

Why IRP?

IRP was set up in response to several key challenges in the Belgian property market:

  • Owning your own home is becoming unaffordable for many people, leading to growing demand in the rental market.
  • There is an urgent need to make the housing market more sustainable.
  • There is a lack of institutional landlords, who take a large-scale and professional approach to affordable housing.


We founded IRP to tackle these issues and manage affordable rental housing in the long term.

What is ION Residential Platform?

IRP is a joint venture between ION, Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors and CBRE Investment Management. Together, we aim to invest in affordable and quality rental housing in Belgium's largest cities. With an initial investment capacity of 280 million euro, IRP aims to become an established value for tenants by offering quality and professionally managed housing.

Besides tenant affordability, IRP focuses on sustainable buildings that contribute to the greening of the housing market in Belgium.

IRP's investment strategy



The urban areas of Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Leuven and other Belgian cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants.

Type of assets

Rental housing and other residential assets such as senior housing, student rooms, social housing and co-living.

Investment volume

Existing assets and development projects with a minimum asset value of 5 million euro.

280 M

Investment capacity







With ION Residential Platform, we aim to change the norm in the real estate market by making affordable and sustainable rental housing accessible to all.
Sam Bordon
- Head of Investment

Sustainable investments

Sustainability is a crucial part of our investments. We strive for new construction projects and renovations that not only meet current needs but also serve future generations. By observing energy-efficient measures and sustainable building policies, we contribute to a greener future and reduce the ecological impact of our real estate projects.

Expanding our portfolio

While growing steadily, our portfolio is diversified and focused on addressing the need for affordable and sustainable rental housing in Belgium.

  • Flats (multi-family)
  • Care property
  • Student accommodation
  • Co-living concepts