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Investing with guaranteed rent

Your ultimate peace of mind

Investing in a flat or student accommodation with guaranteed rent provides the ultimate peace of mind. At ION, we understand that investing in property is a proven path to a good yield and financial security. That is why we offer various opportunities to invest in properties with guaranteed rent.

Capronnier - Brussel
In Capronnier Brussels you have guaranteed rental income for 27 years.

The benefits of investing with guaranteed rent

  • Secure investment: secure your rental income with a contract for 9, 15, 27, or 30 years
  • The net rent is known in advance: you know precisely which amount will be paid into your account each month 
  • Inflation-proof: automatic indexation of your rental income
  • Hassle-free: your property is let on your behalf, and a third party is responsible for maintenance and repairs  
  • Tax benefits: you either pay no property tax or enjoy a substantial discount
Investing in property with guaranteed rent offers more security than any other type of property. You enjoy guaranteed stable income from day one thanks to our collaborations with reliable partners and subsidised entities.
Thomas Dejagere
- Head of Sales

What is guaranteed rent?

You buy property with the guarantee that it will be let on a long-term basis – for up to 30 years – with a deed of lease that cannot be cancelled. You get the security of a regular income, regardless of vacancy or default. Your rental income is also indexed, providing a stable source of return. Moreover, you receive a series of guarantees and tax benefits for this type of investment. So you can see why this investment product is so popular.

ION, a reliable partner

ION has already built developments with guaranteed rental in Mons, where UMONS is renting the 86 units of Le Central student accommodation for 27 years, and in Bruges, where VIVES is renting 138 units. We work with regional social letting agencies for flats.

Our references - Properties with guaranteed rent as investment opportunities

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Thomas Dejagere
Head of Sales
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