Become the owner of an entire building

Bulk purchases

Investing as the sole owner

Want to invest in flats or student accommodation and become the sole owner of an entire building? This can be done by buying flats in bulk. You become the sole co-owner and don't have to consult or deal with anyone. We offer them at an extra competitive purchase price and with good yields. We can also find a specialised partner to take care of the rental and all-in management of your block for you.

The benefits of investing in an entire building

  • Competitive purchase price
  • Different property types available
  • You don't have to deal with other owners and can make all decisions on your own 
  • Good yields
  • All-in management and rental service possible
ION specialises in sustainable, high-end newbuilds with a view to the future. The experience we have acquired over the past 12 years contributes to the quality of our projects, ensuring quick, consistent rentals for investors
Davy Demuynck
- CEO & Co-founder ION

Discover the ION Investors Club

At ION, we strongly believe in long-term relationships, which is why we launched the 'ION Investors Club' for our valuable contacts.

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Thomas Dejagere
Head of Sales
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