To develop different, you need to think different

As a property developer, we push boundaries to create a high-quality living environment where people can live and work in the most innovative way. Iconic architecture is always a must, supported by a leading concept that exceeds all expectations for a sustainable future.
The unique ‘culture tower’ will be a gift to Antwerp and the world.

ION and Katoen Natie Group to redevelop the iconic ‘KBC-Boerentoren’

The die has been cast: ION will redevelop the iconic Antwerp skyscraper ‘Boerentoren’ and transform it into a ‘culture tower’. It will do so in cooperation with the Katoen Natie Group of the leading Antwerp entrepreneur Fernand Huts, who will purchase the tower. This project will undoubtedly be an extraordinary gift to the people of Antwerp and Flanders, as well as international visitors.

WBP Co2 neutraal
CO₂-neutral is our goal.

The first CO₂-neutral property developer in Belgium

At ION, sustainability is not a buzzword. For each project, we look for the most environmentally-friendly long-term solutions. Likewise, within our operations, we strive for the smallest ecological footprint. For five consecutive years now, we have offset our remaining CO emissions by reducing CO emissions elsewhere.