To develop different, you need to think different

As a property developer, we push boundaries to create a high-quality living environment where people can live and work in the most innovative way. Iconic architecture is always a must, supported by a leading concept that exceeds all expectations for a sustainable future.
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Projects of added value for the residents and the environment.

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Galerij I Appartementen te koop in Veurne
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Nachtzicht Roelevard
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With Build-to-Suit, we inject our expertise into your construction project.
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Let’s join forces for custom projects

As a property developer, we are happy to make our technical engineering, legal, fiscal and financial knowledge and resources available to you for the development of your land or the creation of your custom construction project.

The first CO₂-neutral property developer in Belgium

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CO₂-neutral is our goal.

At ION, sustainability is not a buzzword. For each project, we look for the most environmentally-friendly long-term solutions. Likewise, within our operations, we strive for the smallest ecological footprint. For five consecutive years now, we have offset our remaining CO emissions by reducing CO emissions elsewhere.