Added value for people and the environment

Sustainable future

Positive change

At ION, our core mission is not only to construct buildings, but also to cultivate prosperity and well-being within communities. Our approach to real estate development is rooted in the belief that each project is a unique opportunity to improve both human and environmental conditions. We are committed to creating spaces that not only offer architectural beauty, but also contribute to social progress and environmental sustainability. Each of our initiatives is a step toward a more inclusive and sustainable future, driven by the conviction that investing in real estate is a powerful tool for achieving positive change.

Steenkoolkaai renovation: A new start with non-profit 't Eilandje

Everyone has the right to quality and affordable housing. With ION Residential Platform, we want to turn this vision into reality. For one of our projects on the Steenkoolkaai in Brussels, we collaborated with the non-profit organization 't Eilandje, which aims to help underprivileged people in vulnerable situations to stand on their own two feet and begin their journey from homelessness to independence.

We have made the entire contents of the building we are going to renovate - think furniture, household appliances, cutlery, plates, glasses and more - available to vzw 't Eilandje. In this way, we are not only helping those in our community who need a boost the most, but also reusing materials and reducing waste.

Day center De Wissel

At ION, we believe our responsibility extends beyond developing real estate projects. It is our mission to contribute to a society where everyone feels at home. This commitment is reflected in our devotion to pioneering initiatives such as "Atelier Jules" in Kortrijk, a project that goes to the heart of social inclusion and innovation.

Along the picturesque Leieboorden (Kortrijk), in the middle of the renovated facades of the old police station, ION together with Group Ubuntu and VZW Den Achtkanter have created a place that is more than just a residential complex. Here springs the story of Dagcentrum Wissel, a warm home for adults with non-congenital brain injury.

Our story at Atelier Jules is just one example of how we at ION combine our expertise in real estate development with our passion for social change. We are proud of this milestone and remain committed to projects that have a positive and lasting impact on the community and its people.

We are giving people a desire to live again.
Caroline Kopàcsi
- Agogisch coach NAH

Creating value, both for our investors and for the community.

At ION, we strive to do more than build; we build a better future. Our projects are imbued with a deeply rooted mission to create positive social impact and strengthen communities. This is reflected in two of our most ambitious projects: Capronnier in Brussels and Central Gardens in Anderlecht exemplify this vision. Here, investment goes hand in hand with social responsibility, through collaboration with a Social Housing Office (SVK).

In cities where thousands of families are waiting for social housing, ION plays a crucial role in providing a solution. By investing in these projects, one contributes to a social and sustainable future, while also benefiting from a solid investment. Capronnier & Central Gardens symbolize our vision at ION: to create value, both for our investors and for the community.

Our project "Central Gardens" in Anderlecht was finished in 2020 and follows the same concept. The collaboration with the non-profit organization "Everyone's home/ logement pour tous" ensures that the apartments will be rented long-term to people who need support on the housing market.
What really sets Capronnier apart is its partnership with SVK 'Wijken'. This offers investors an opportunity to invest in a project that is not only profitable, but also has a profound social impact. With a 30-year rental guarantee, income is assured and indexed. This means that investors not only enjoy a worry-free supplementary income, but also automatically contribute to providing quality housing to people in precarious housing situations.
Investment and social responsibility increasingly go hand in hand. We at ION are proud to lead the way with impactful projects like Capronnier and Central Gardens. We see impact investing not just as an opportunity for financial return, but as a powerful tool to drive substantial, positive change in our communities. Every project we undertake is a step toward a more inclusive and sustainable future.
Thomas Dejagere
- Head of Sales