Sustainable heating with heat grids

Sustainable future

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the construction process itself; it also includes the optimization of technical systems. With a holistic approach, we focus on the entire energy consumption, taking the time to carefully dimension. Here we look not only at the efficient generation of electricity through solar panels, but also at utilizing various heat sources, such as geothermal, with heat networks and air/water heat pumps.

In our search for sustainable methods for heating buildings, we place special emphasis on local heat sources. We pursue a balanced approach to electricity consumption through load balancing, applied to both the heating system and the fleet charging process. In addition, we are constantly committed to researching innovative battery solutions that can be implemented in our buildings. This holistic approach is an integral part of our vision for sustainable building and energy use.

Noven: a holistic view of energy in real estate projects

Since the very beginning, ION has been committed to the implementation of collective heat networks, which essentially provide buildings with fossil-free energy. In 2015, with Niefhout in Turnhout, we were one of the pioneers in Belgium with the commissioning of a heat network in a large-scale area development project. Our commitment to sustainable project development was further shaped by our partnership with Noven, a renewable energy specialist with a particular focus on geothermal energy.

Geothermal energy is an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for providing heat to buildings without using fossil fuels. It makes use of the natural heat stored in the earth. In addition, geothermal also provides additional comfort in summer through passive cooling. The installation based on geothermal energy is not only fossil-free, but also very efficient. As a result, all homes meet the near-energy-neutral (BEN) standard.

Recently, the city of Leuven proposed the first Leuven Climate Contract. This contains an action plan towards climate neutrality in 2030, commitments by partners to implement the actions, and a financial model to fund those actions. In line with this vision, ION committed to 2 specific projects to share our expertise in heat networks with a wider group of partners, creating synergies between the different stakeholders in these projects.