Realisation of new urban developments

Public-private partnerships (PPPs)

PPP - projects

With a rich history and extensive expertise, as an organisation we are seasoned in jointly shaping innovative urban developments in close cooperation with public actors. Our experience extends within a clear and well-defined framework, constantly striving to achieve progressive and sustainable urban projects. Over the years, we have proven our ability not only to realise the vision of our partners, but also to contribute significantly to the growth and prosperity of the communities in which we operate. Discover with us the power of purposeful collaboration and development for tomorrow's infrastructure.

Redevelopment of the Panquin site in Tervuren

Complex property issues

At ION, we love complex real estate issues. Combined with our passion for architecture, sustainability and innovation, this makes us an ideal partner for the creation or reconversion of new, impactful urban developments.

We develop residential and/or infrastructure projects in close consultation with public stakeholders, creating new identities for public spaces and buildings. Oftentimes, the new development can be a catalyst for greater social impact. ION assists contracting authorities efficiently and effectively, continuously monitoring quality, sustainability, and budge

Thanks to our scale, we have the necessary clout and speed. But we also value proximity and personal contact.
Koen Demedts
- Head of Business Development

Public tender Municipality of Houthulst

The municipality of Houthulst organised a tender for the DBF contract for new large-scale sports infrastructure. Thanks to close consultation (predetermined consultation structures) and a well-thought-out technical strategy, ION met a very tight deadline and completed the sports infrastructure in under 12 months, much to the municipality's satisfaction.

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