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At ION, we strongly believe in long-term relationships. That is why we launched the 'ION Investors Club' for our valuable contacts. Network members get access to exclusive benefits, great content, and insights from our experts. They get a first look at ION's developments, allowing them to invest even before they are officially launched. If they go ahead and purchase, they enjoy exclusive preferential rates.

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Meet experts and like-minded investors.

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Develop a keen understanding of the world of property investment

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A lasting relationship built on mutual trust

At ION, we believe there's more to property investment, building lasting relationships based on mutual trust and success. The club was established for our most valuable connections, creating an exclusive space for people who believe in the power of long-term investments.

Cooperation and success

Besides investing in development projects, we also want to strengthen our ties with investors like you. This club is more than an investment platform; it is a community where long-term relationships flourish, and we build a sustainable future together.

Exclusive benefits

Members of the ION Investors Club are eligible for a wide range of exclusive benefits. We understand there's more to investing than financial transactions; investing is all about the experience, the connections, and the shared commitment to growth.

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At ION, we believe there's more to property investment, building lasting relationships based on mutual success. Join the ION Investors Club today to become a member of a select group that gets a first look at the most promising investment opportunities.

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