Sustainable water management

Sustainable future

Dual approach

Our commitment to sustainable water management includes a two-pronged approach. Where possible, we collect rainwater for reuse, and allow excess rainwater to infiltrate into the soil to the maximum extent possible. Gray water is then recovered for plumbing flushing. This approach contributes to a more efficient use of water and promotes sustainability in our daily water use

Best practice

A best practice and at the same time the largest project in terms of efficient water management in Belgium, is Suikerpark in Veurne.  Together with partner WVI, we are developing a new and sustainable urban district in Veurne with housing, a business park and a nature reserve. 

In this new, sustainable city district, research is being conducted into a completely new, and above all smart, household water network to collect, purify and reuse its own waste and rain water. The Flemish government has given the go-ahead and is supporting the project with a grant totaling €891,280.

In addition, in cooperation with various partners and with financial support through the 'Proeftuinen droogte' grant, we are investigating the establishment of a Water Service Company (WASCO), where water is used in a circular way in our projects. For Suikerpark in Veurne, these consultations are taking place with renowned partners such as Colruyt Group, PepsiCo and other key players.

We are setting a good example of how to deal with climate change and make our living environment climate-proof. WVI is again pioneering as landowner and realizer of the sustainable business park and natural area, together with the other private and public partners.
Geert Sanders
- General director West Flanders Intercommunale WVI