Leuven Burenberg
70% sold

Burenberg - Leuven

Investment value

+100 million EUR




POLO Architects C+S OYO Architects aNNo Architecten BUUR


Commercialisation 2021
Welkom bij Burenberg

Welcome to Burenberg

With Burenberg, the city of Leuven is gaining a new district, a stone's throw from the centre, surrounded by greenery. The project comprises a diverse programme of modern homes to suit all tastes, resulting in a pleasant mix. In this way, Burenberg will become an exciting, lively neighbourhood where everyone feels at home.

Parktuin Burenberg Leuven

A unique opportunity in a unique place

In Burenberg you combine the best of two worlds. You are nestled in a green residential environment that exudes a warm neighbourhood feeling, but at the same time you are a stone's throw away from the bustling city centre of Leuven. There is an overwhelming offer of shops, culture, sports, restaurants, cafés, services ...

Burenberg is also a unique opportunity, because this project is one of the last major inner city developments of this calibre in Leuven!

Groene omgeving in Burenberg

Bathing in green

Here you can enjoy a blissful holiday feeling every day. The large central park garden and the pleasant communal gardens, among other things, guarantee this. In addition, the site will be car-free, thanks to the underground car park, which will considerably improve the quality of life. The result is a maximum of greenery, space and peace.

Burenberg duurzaam project Leuven

A heart for the planet

Sustainability is also a central concern in Burenberg. We pulled out all the stops to create a future-oriented project, with an eye for the planet. This is not only expressed in the omnipresence of greenery or energy management, but also in the field of water management, mobility ... In short, sustainability in Burenberg is an all-embracing story, as it should be in 2021.

Park Residences in Burenberg Leuven
Interieur Park Residences

All about Park Residences

The Park Residences apartments are characterised by a high-quality choice of materials, coupled with a stylish interior. An attractive outdoor space, which is an extension of your home, is an attractive added value.

Penthouse Luxury in Burenberg Leuven
Interieur penthouse Burenberg

Dive into Luxury

In these luxurious flats and exclusive penthouses, everything revolves around your comfort. The classy homes have been designed entirely according to your wishes. Here you can enjoy life every day anew, in all its luxury!

Townhouses in Burenberg Leuven
Interieur Townhouses Burenberg Leuven

Discover Townhouses

Townhouses is synonymous with nice single-family homes with three or four bedrooms. Everything is geared towards your quality of life and that of your family. Both your home and the cool, green surroundings create an instant holiday feeling, for you and the kids!

Burenberg studentenkamers Leuven
Coliving units in Burenberg Leuven

Invest in Community

Community is completely tailored to the needs of the savvy investor. You will find high standard student rooms and an advanced coliving concept with all amenities. Both guarantee a good return. Moreover, a specialised manager takes care of everything.

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