Het Reihof

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Senior housing
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Het Reihof
Het Reihof

The most innovative retirement residence in West Flanders


At the request of operator Domitys Group, ION realized the project Het Reihof in the outskirts of Bruges. Architect A1AR realized the design and ION, together with experienced partners, was responsible for the construction of the residence. Residents here enjoy the comfort of a five-star hotel, with a wide range of facilities: an indoor swimming pool, wellness and fitness, a restaurant, a library, a hairdresser, a beauty salon and a lounge bar. In the underground parking garage there are 80 parking spaces, bicycle racks and private storage rooms.


Ter Beke 27 - 8200 Bruges

Investment value
+35 miljoen euro
12000 m²
Domitys, BM Engineering, Cobe, KUBIEK
A unique cooperation

Het Reihof was commissioned by Domitys, a French group specialising in elderly care, in response to the demand for high-end housing for the elderly.

An all-in experience for residents

Het Reihof is not a conventional retirement residence in that it encourages freedom and independence.


At Het Reihof, they take sustainability very seriously. The property has a central boiler room for connection to the city's district heating grid once installed.

Striving for excellence

ION continually strives for excellence in property development, and so do its partners. The synergy between the partners played a crucial part in the construction of this innovative retirement residence.

Domitys Group, a leading player in care for the elderly, has extensive expertise in retirement housing, which is crucial to ensure that Het Reihof's offer caters to the specific needs and wishes of active seniors. This emphasis on high-end services and residents' comfort is consistent with ION's commitment to quality.

ION's selection of A1AR and BURO GROEN as architects underlines the property developer's commitment to achieving architectural excellence. The firms created a unique design, combining modernity with subtle nods to the historical context of Bruges. An architectural vision that is in keeping with ION's commitment to high-end urban development and sustainability.

The partnership with BM Engineering attests to ION's commitment to technical innovation and sustainability. BM Engineering takes care of the technical aspects of Het Reihof, such as solar panels and central heating systems, in line with ION's commitment to eco-friendly property developments and maximising energy efficiency.

Cobe's involvement in Het Reihof highlights the property's focus on the quality of life of its residents. With communal amenities such as swimming pools, wellness facilities and restaurants, Cobe creates an environment where residents are assured a five-star hotel experience. ION shares this vision and recognises the importance of the comfort and well-being of Het Reihof's residents.

The collaboration with KUBIEK demonstrates ION's commitment to sustainability and the efficient use of space. KUBIEK contributes to Het Reihof's sustainability, focusing on reusing rainwater and an underground parking garage. ION understands the importance of environmentally conscious design and management.

The architectural firms have created a unique design that combines modernity with subtle nods to the historic context of Bruges.
Residents can engage with nature thanks to green spaces next to the building and a new neighbourhood park.

Facts & figures

  • 113 extra-care housing units
  • + 1,500 m2 Domitys communal areas (swimming pool, restaurant...)
  • 80 parking spaces
  • Site area: 7,496 m2

  • Gross floor area: 9,255 m2

Neighbourhood participation

All parking will be entirely underground to mitigate parking demand pressure. The underground parking garage has 80 spaces for cars, a bike shed, and charging points for electric bicycles. The beautiful green areas with lawns and hedges around the buildings will separate the public and private areas. In addition, the City of Bruges is developing a 21,500-m2 park next to Het Reihof. This is an exemplary project where nature, safety, mobility, and climate go hand in hand.

Its residents enjoy all the comfort of a five-star hotel, with a wide range of amenities, including an indoor swimming pool, a spa and gym, a restaurant, a library, a hairdresser, a beauty salon, and a lounge bar. The underground parking garage has 80 parking spaces, bicycle sheds, and private storage.
Residents age comfortably here, while maintaining their freedom.

A well-thought-out master plan

The master plan of Het Reihof has been meticulously designed to ensure the residence blends seamlessly into the green surroundings of Bruges. The development has various housing types, from high-end extra-care housing to luxury facilities such as a swimming pool, spa, and restaurant. Here, residents can grow old comfortably while retaining a sense of freedom.

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