HQ - Waregem Business Park

Our headquarters in Waregem

Great place to work (and play)

That we strive for excellence can also be seen in our offices. We created an environment where the well-being of our employees and visitors is paramount.

A visual eye-catcher

In the bustling Waregem Business Park stands ION Headquarters, a fine example of modern design and sustainability. Our office building is not only a visual eye-catcher, but also a practical example of environmentally friendly construction. The concrete elements make our building not only an architectural gem, but also tangible evidence of our commitment to a sustainable future.

Sustainability and innovation

ION Headquarters stands out as the beating heart of Waregem Business Park, in 2019 the most sustainable office in Belgium. By implementing pioneering sustainable technologies, we not only significantly reduced CO2 emissions during construction, but also invested in climate compensation projects. Discover how this commitment to sustainability transforms the building into an inspiring workplace and an example of eco-friendly construction.

Architecture and space optimization

Designed by renowned architectural firm Govaert & Vanhoutte, ION Headquarters is more than just an office space; it is an architectural masterpiece. Explore the modern architecture with glass and concrete facades that make up five office buildings. Discover how our building makes the best use of available space, with an underground parking basement and above-ground facilities that attract and support businesses of all sizes.

Be part of one of the leading property developers in Belgium.

At ION, we are literally and figuratively building the future of living and working. We go for top quality and all go the extra mile.