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Izegem - Strobbe

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A new chapter for the city of Izegem

Strobbe, the newest urban development in the centre of Izegem, combines the best of both worlds with a nice mix of urban comfort and natural beauty. Lovely to live in and an exciting investment to boot.


Kasteelstraat 13 - 8870 Izegem

Investment value
40 million euros
9.041 m²
Architects Achtergael
Stad Izegem
Urban comfort in a green oasis

Strobbe offers the best of both worlds: the convenience and vibrancy of city life combined with lush green surroundings. You can get to the centre of Izegem in the blink of an eye via the cycling and walking boulevard, but residents also have access to an oasis of calm and natural beauty thanks to the inner gardens and green spaces.

Sustainable and forward-looking

Strobbe is committing to a better planet with a range of sustainable initiatives. Green roofs provide better insulation and optimal water management, while solar panels generate renewable energy, and geothermal systems reduce the development's carbon footprint. The BEN flats, water infiltration, underground parking garage, and shared cars all contribute to creating an environmentally friendly environment.

Blending culture with convenience

Strobbe is a testament to the city of Izegem's rich past and promising future. The old printing works will be transformed into the Cultuurfabriek, an art, music and literature hub. The connection with the city centre and the proximity to the city's market square, with numerous hospitality establishments, are also an asset for residents.

Value-add investing

Its central location in Izegem and easy accessibility make the Strobbe new-build project attractive for buyers and tenants. Some units – designed with different types of families in mind – have been specifically developed with investors in mind, offering secure returns at an affordable price. Given their slightly smaller area, compared with the residential flats, these units are considerably cheaper to buy. On the other hand, the rental price is in the same range, ensuring a relatively high return on units.

The former Strobbe printing works are and continue to be important for Izegem. Together with Architecten Achtergael, ION rose to the challenge of repurposing this industrial heritage.
The design embeds modern living comfort in a new urban district. Strobbe embraces the future with a nod to history.

Strobbe facts & figures

  • 113 flats
  • 1.200 m2 of retail space
  • 121 parking spaces
  • Site area 9,041 m2
  • Total gross floor area 10,043 m2

Strong neighbourhood participation

This partnership with the City of Izegem demonstrates how urban development can go hand in hand with sustainability and viability. Traffic safety, greenery, and cosy meeting places are at the heart of the transformation of this district. Besides having aesthetic value, the green boulevard also cleverly connects different parts of the city.

Sustainable investments

Sustainability is an important aspect of this property, where all flats are heated and cooled using geothermal energy. Geothermal heat is extracted from the ground, which is then upgraded in a central boiler room with heat pumps, saving 100 tonnes of CO2 annually.

A 3,000-m² green cycling and walking boulevard will cut through the car-free residential neighbourhood, connecting Kasteelstraat with Dirk Martenslaan. Future residents will have access to 121 underground parking spaces and four parking spaces for shared cars.

A new chapter for the city

The printing presses at the Strobbe printing works continued to run for over 100 years. The four new blocks of flats in this development all pay tribute to this family-owned print shop as they are all named after a typeface or a famous type designer such as Caslon, Bodoni, Griffo and Didot. Today, a new chapter is being written here for the city because part of the site of the former printing company will be converted into the Cultuurfabriek, a new cultural hub for Izegem.

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