90% sold

Leeuweryck - Sint-Pieters-Leeuw

Investment value

+10 million EUR






Launch of the construction works 2018


Elliadis Consulting
Leeuweryck exterieurbeeld

Welcome in Leeuweryck

Your green, car-free and affordable home in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, near Brussels

Leeuweryck Sint Pieters Leeuw

Close to Brussels, wonderful in the green

Are you looking for a house close to Brussels, but still in the green? Combine the best of both worlds, with Leeuweryck in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw. Here the children can play to their heart's content in a car-free, green environment. Live in a beautiful newly built flat in a cosy neighbourhood. And you still have an easy connection to the capital. More time, more peace and quiet, more comfort. 

Leeuweryck SPL exterieurbeeld

A neighbourhood in which you really want to live

When you enter the domain, you know immediately: this neighbourhood feels like coming home. The green oasis, the stylish buildings, the car-free environment and the friendly people - everything is right. You have shops nearby, a sports centre within walking distance and public transport a stone's throw from your door. Sometimes life can be simple. You can really live happily in Leeuweryck.

SPL Leeuweryck

New district, new future

Leeuweryck is part of a brand-new neighbourhood. All newly built flats are of exceptional quality, built with an eye to the future. The estate is surprisingly green, with footpaths and a winding stream. A large sports hall, tennis courts and even a swimming pool are within easy reach. You are part of a young neighbourhood in full bloom.

Interieurbeeld Leeuweryck

Parking: easy and risk-free

Of course you want to be able to drive your car right up to your door, but you also want your children to be able to play outside safely, without risk. That's why there is an underground car park - also designed for people with reduced mobility. There is also a central waste collection system. So you'll have everything at hand - while the grounds remain car-free and child-friendly.

Project Leeuweryck

Perfect mobility, more quality time

Save more time for the important things in life. Say goodbye to traffic jams. Because Leeuweryck is only ten minutes from Brussels. That way you can make full use of the green periphery and cut down on your commuting. Faster at work, faster back home!

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