A warm welcome in Waterfront

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I have a hugely versatile job, and I love it.
Niels Demuynck
- General Manager Parkhotel

Niels Demuynck can be found at Parkhotel in Waregem every day. As the General Manager, he knows everything about the ins and outs of the hotel. He tells us about the ambiance, the dishes he loves from the gastro bar, and what he likes most about his job. “I love chatting to the customers and staff, which I find important,” he says enthusiastically.

Parkhotel is located right in the center of Waregem and at the base of the Waterfront Towers. Waregem’s first four-star hotel has 72 rooms, several conference rooms, a sun terrace, and a trendy bar. “The hotel has a very pleasant ambiance,” says Niels. “It’s light and airy but still professional. Customers are always approached in a friendly manner, and there is always time for a chat. I call it the Parkhotel style,” he laughs. “We used the same ambiance for Waregem as we did for Parkhotel Kortrijk.”

The people that come here are mainly business-related visitors. However, that is not our goal. “We notice that many business people stay here especially during the week, but we see a different kind of public on the weekends. It depends very much on the events taking place in the area. We were fully booked during Waregem Koerse and again during Alcatraz in Kortrijk. In any case, we are open to everyone, not just hotel guests. Feel like a quick bite to eat or a tasty breakfast? Our doors are always open!”, says Niels

The three favorites of Niels:

01. Favorite place in the hotel? “I love being at the front desk to welcome people. Otherwise, you can find me in our gastro bar Zabarov, which always has a delightful ambiance.”

02. Favorite cocktail from the cocktail shaker? “You can always please me with a good brown rum!”

03. Favorite meal from the gastro bar? “Kowloon Lamb roll. This is an Asian hot wrap with fresh lamb and cabbage salad. I can recommend it to everyone.”

A versatile job

“As the General Manager, I have to be a bit of an all-rounder. I take care of the administration, HR, and marketing, but sometimes I also help out in the gastro bar. I have a hugely versatile job, and I love it. I really enjoy having a lot of contact with the staff. I think it’s essential that everyone feels at ease and that they are supported well. Hospitality is a demanding sector; I respect my colleagues and am only satisfied when they are. I certainly don’t think that I’m a strict manager; I don’t believe in that kind of approach.” 

Traditional pizzas 

Although Niels is not from Waregem, he’s felt at home right from the start. “I love its sense of warmth. There’s a very good spirit among Waregem’s entrepreneurs. Although our gastro bar is right next door to another bistro, there’s no competition. We each have very different concepts and like to refer people to each other depending on their needs. Our place serves pizzas, hamburgers, and Asian dishes. The pizzas are made by an Italian chef with years of experience. They’re wonderful!”, concludes Niels.