Molenpark makes room for health of the future with 'sports and medical home' Crescendo

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Dozens of therapists from various disciplines gather in one place in ION's new residential project. The brand new Molenpark residential neighborhood in Eeklo will also house the Crescendo sports and medical home. Suffering from painful knees, digestive complaints or fertility problems? Or just need the right guidance for a new sporting challenge? Patients, expectant moms and athletes can contact a dozen therapists in a variety of disciplines with all their problems and questions starting in 2024.

Triathlete himself

Exercise and health scientist Dominic De Caluwé - himself a triathlete - is the driving force behind Crescendo, where athletes have been able to go for professional training advice for about fifteen years. Crescendo's offerings will be seriously expanded in the Molenpark. Among others, osteopath Frederiek De Vlieger from Maldegem and osteopath for children and women Anniek Van Tongel from Eeklo will join the project. Crescendo will also collaborate with orthopedic surgeon Alex Demurie of the AZ Alma in Eeklo. He is also the driving force behind the new outpatient clinic in Eede, just below the Dutch border.

An osteopath and a physical therapist are already working in our current practice. We have two target groups: people seeking better health and athletes who want to improve their performance. We supervise a number of top athletes and want to become a reference center for them as well. The demand is currently greater than the supply. So we are in need of expansion. We work together with specialists in adjacent fields and are continuing this cooperation. It will be even easier for patients: after all, all these specialists will be under one roof.
Dominic De Caluwé
- Crescendo

All systems within the body

Eight to 10 therapists will be assigned to the medical home in Mill Park. Patients can make an appointment directly with their specialist or search for the right therapist through the central number. Crescendo uses what is known as clinical Psycho-Neuro Immunology (kPNI). It is an integral and steadily growing science that looks at all systems in the body. The therapist looks at the clinical picture as a whole and looks for the underlying cause of the complaint. And that can be either physical or psychological in nature, or a combination of both. Based on all the parameters, each person is individually guided a causal treatment according to request for help and objective.

We are working on the medicine of the future. In that vision, everything in the body is connected. Now medicine looks at the body in a fragmented way. We bring all those pieces back together and look for the root cause of a complaint.
Dominic De Caluwé
- Crescendo

Crescendo will work closely with services in the area that provide for other care needs. For example, a collaboration is planned with an outpatient clinic in Eede, Netherlands. The official opening of the new medical home is scheduled for the summer of 2024.