Liantis and GVO build brand new office building in Kortrijk

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At 't Hoge in Kortrijk, the first works for the construction of a brand new office building will start now on Thursday. This will provide space for some 70 employees of hr services group Liantis and some 20 employees of Woonzorggroep GVO. "Despite the corona crisis, we continue to invest for the long term," reads the statement from both organizations. According to project developers ION and THINK URBAN, employees will be able to move into the energy-efficient building by mid-2023.

Breakout rooms

Specifically, ION from Waregem and THINK URBAN from Kortrijk will soon construct a brand-new office building of approximately 3,500 square meters. The office complex will have three floors and provide space for more than 70 employees of Liantis and 20 employees of Woonzorggroep GVO.

"With the new office, we can better accommodate our customers with ample parking, including for cyclists. Moreover, the new office building creates more opportunities for training or information sessions," said Philip Van Eeckhoute of Liantis. "In addition, we provide our employees with a modern workplace where there will be room for desk spaces, concentration workstations, break-out areas, and so on. In all of our 60 offices, we think it is important that we as an HR services group set a good example ourselves and fully integrate the 'new way of working'."

For the design of the new office building in Kortrijk, ION and THINK URBAN called on architect Steven Vandenborre. He chose a compact building with a strong emphasis on nature. "For example, on the top floor there will be a new landscape with lots of greenery and there will also be trees and plants on the terraces," said the architect.

According to the developers, it will also be a particularly energy-efficient building for Liantis and GVO, which plan to occupy the offices in mid-2023.

New investment

For Liantis, this investment - even in corona times - is part of a multi-year strategic plan. "The current crisis should not deter us from making further long-term investments to strongly support entrepreneurship in this country. We firmly believe that we can help entrepreneurs shoulder to shoulder to help our economy get back on its feet," said Philip Van Eeckhoute of Liantis. "Our clients can continue to count on us."

They are also confident about the investment in their new headquarters at GVO. "We want a new office building that exudes the identity of our organization, especially hospitality. Also, we want to invest in innovative office concepts that contribute to the well-being of our employees," Bernard Bruggeman and Rita Barilla of Woonzorggroep GVO conclude.