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A safe investment with great long-term rental potential.

When it comes to investing in real estate, ION thinks beyond the purchase of the right property in a suitable location, at the best time and at the right price. In addition to these key factors for a sensible investment, we also ensure a constant flow of rental income for dedicated projects.

Real estate is still a safe investment with some unique advantages that no banking product can offer you. In addition to the monthly rental income - which can be indexed every year - real estate also offers long-term added value in case you decide to sell. Over the past decades, real estate prices have risen by 6% annually, which offers good prospects for the future. In addition, interest rates remain low and the range of different investment products is growing: assisted living units, social housing, commercial property and much more.

At ION, we believe quality is a must. This manifests itself in undisputed added value for every project.  As a result, investors benefit from a higher rental guarantee and the best chances of a maximum return.

Embrace the benefits of a safe investment and enjoy the highest possible rental yield.
Quality and innovation are at the heart of everything we do.
Davy Demuynck
Founder - CEO
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Preselect by ION

Real-estate investors can become part of Preselect by ION, an investment club where members are the first to be given the opportunity to invest in affordable units with a high rental potential before the launch of new-build construction projects. As a Preselect by ION investor, you also get the opportunity to subscribe to an all-in management and rental service at an exclusive preferential rate.