To develop different, you need to think different.

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As a leading property developer and real estate investor, we at ION never stand still. We push boundaries for a high-quality living environment, for living and working in the most innovative way.

We push boundaries.

From iconic residential projects and pioneering office buildings, to large-scale urban renewal projects offering an innovative mix of residential and commercial solutions. Since the very beginning, ION has been developing prestigious real estate projects that demonstrate our cohesive vision of sustainability, innovation, and architecture.

v.l.n.r Davy Demuynck, Paul Thiers & Kristof Vanfleteren

Iconic architecture is always a must, underpinned by a pioneering concept that exceeds all expectations for a sustainable future.

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Investing in real estate

ION does much more than buy the right property in a suitable location at the best time and price. 


Developments across the Benelux


Developed since ION's inception

2.967 M

Market value of ongoing projects

280 M

Investment capacity of ION Residential Platform (IRP)

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At ION, we are building the future of living and working in every sense of the word. We all go the extra mile in our endeavour to deliver the highest quality.