Suikerfabriek Veurne


A few months ago, property developer ION was selected as a candidate for the second round of the PPP contest for the redevelopment of the former Sugar Factory site in Veurne. Along with other developers, ION was invited to submit an ambitious development proposal. The Inter-Municipal Association of West Flanders (WVI) recently named ION its preferential bidder. As a consequence, the other developers who are in the running have been kept on hold while ION conducts exclusive negotiations with WVI and the City of Veurne. ION is hoping for the project to be awarded by the spring of 2017, enabling them to start construction by the summer of 2018. 

New green urban district 

ION’s proposed name for the large-scale residential project is Suikerpark (Sugar Park), a name which clearly refers to the transformation of the Sugar Factory site, which was purely industrial until 2005, into a multifunctional development with mainly housing, retail and a natural park. The 12 hectares that will be redeveloped through the PPP will thus be transformed into a new, green urban district on the edge of the city. Along with the team of experts that ION has selected for this project, the developer aspires to be a loyal partner to WVI and the City of Veurne and to devise a locally anchored project, with the participation and support of the local residents. The redevelopment of the Sugar Factory site not only includes the Suikerpark residential project, it also comprises a 15 hectare natural park and a 15 hectare zone for regional economic activities, which will be developed by WVI in accordance with sustainable quality principles. 


Local support 

For this project, ION has sought the support of a leading international team, consisting of a landscape architect firm (DELVA Landscape Architects, in collaboration with ARA), an urban development agency

(CroonenBuro5), three architect firms (B-architecten, A1 planning and Denc!-studio), a sustainability expert (3E, in collaboration with Denc!-studio), a communication agency (Common Ground) and the multidisciplinary engineering firm Antea. A total of 30 companies and organisations cooperate with ION to guarantee a successful project. Many of them operate locally, which is an essential condition to realise these huge ambitions. The dynamic, creative and inspiring input of all the parties involved has not only brought ION to where it is today, but will also ensure that a few years from now, Suikerpark will be a place where people love to live, work and relax. 

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