Climate-friendly construction is at the heart of ION’s DNA. In Noven we found a partner who shares our same far-reaching vision on green newbuild projects. Noven specialises in renewable energy for buildings and has already developed a smart energy solution for various ION projects, including Waterfront and Suikerpark. Together, we continue to think and build sustainably day in, day out!

“ION is a pioneer in sustainable property development in Belgium. They fully agree with our sustainable approach, which focuses on the ultimate goal in every project: producing the greenest and cheapest energy for the end user. It is our job to manage that sustainable approach well in every ION project”, says Menno Janssens, CEO of Noven:

Residual heat

This cooperation results in impressive projects. Suikerpark in Veurne is the perfect example. “It is one of the first heat grids in Flanders that will be 100% powered with industrial residual heat coming from the nearby PepsiCo potato crisps factory, where heat is extracted from the vapour of potatoes. Eventually, the entire residential area will be heated with industrial residual heat.”

Local electricity generation

The prestigious Waterfront total project in Waregem also perfectly illustrates how ION and Noven focus fully on high-quality, eco-friendly and sustainable residential and business spaces. A heat pump extracts heat from the ground and provides the residents with hot water, heating and cooling. Other efficient systems include two roofs full of solar panels and a cogeneration unit that produces electricity and heat locally. “Much of the electricity at Waterfront is generated locally. This is not only beneficial for the environment, but also for owners and residents. Noven manages the entire cycle and closely monitors all data and energy flows.”

Sustainable future

The future is green. And promising, with many more sustainable collaborations in the pipeline. Noven has also partnered with ION for the redevelopment of the iconic KBC Boerentoren. “This will be a very interesting test case for riothermal energy”, Menno Janssens explains, giving us a sneak peek. “By extracting heat from waste water, among other things, we want to reduce the primary energy factor in the renovated Boerentoren by 45%.”

“Buildings play a very important role when it comes to CO₂ emissions. We are therefore delighted that a progressive property developer like ION has joined forces with us to make the most of all the possibilities in the field of sustainable energy.”

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