Antwerpse Cadixwijk



As part of the redevelopment of the Cadix district - the old port area at Het Eilandje in Antwerp - the Autonomous Municipal Company for Real-Estate Management and Urban Projects in Antwerp (AG Vespa) organised a design competition for the sale of a building plot on the Kattendijk dock. Real-estate developer ION and the Antwerp-based developer LIFE were one of the 17 potential buyers to submit a proposal through the joint venture ION-LIFE. 


Extensive teamwork 

ION-LIFE put together a remarkable design team, with representatives from FVWW, De Smet Vermeulen architecten, Havan-a, De Gouden Liniaal and Studio Basta. Engineering firm Ingenium was involved to ensure the sustainability of the project. In total, more than 30 parties participated in the project proposal, which was submitted in October 2015. 

Design with a strong vision 

AG Vespa was looking for a mixed design that safeguards the sustainable development of the Cadix district. The candidacy of ION-LIFE fully supports the mission and core values of the redevelopment of Het Eilandje. The design brings together seven warehouses in a varying ensemble that respects the historic maritime context of the Cadix district. The integration of a low quay building ensures optimal use of sunlight - both in a spacious courtyard and inside the homes. In addition to an extensive residential component, the presence of small-scale retail outlets, restaurants and cafés makes this a lively hotspot. Finally, along the quay and adjacent to the buildings, ION-LIFE opted for an evocative, colourful work of art by visual artist Jan van Munster. 

Deserving second place 

Out of the 17 design proposals, ION-LIFE ranked second. ION would like to explicitly thank all partners involved for their valuable cooperation and support, and sends its congratulations to CIP, the winning property developer.  

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