At the end of 2018, ESF approved two grants submitted by ION, ‘Anders Organiseren’ (‘Organising things differently’) and ‘Opleidingen in bedrijven’ ( ‘Corporate training’). In recent years, ION has evolved from a small SME to a major player in the real-estate market. In 2018, the number of employees grew from 41 to 57, a growth of no less than 40%. Time for self-reflection.

Time for self-reflection

With the help of Europe and Flanders, in the years ahead ION wants to invest further in its future and the future of its employees. Together with its employees, ION will continue to focus on organisation and training in 2019 and 2020. By learning extra skills and adapting the organisational structure to today's needs, the employees will be able to further hone their skills and work (together) more efficiently. The employees are already very committed, but this initiative is further fuelling their enthusiasm. 


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