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Right beside the Groep T building in Vesaliusstraat in Leuven (part of Leuven University), the laying of the foundation stone for the new construction project Vesalius was celebrated on Wednesday 3 June. On this site, bordered by Vesaliusstraat, Tiensestraat and Brabançonnestraat, a new complex will be built in the coming months, consisting of student flats, apartments, shops and offices. What is more, an underground auditorium will be built for Leuven University, along with two cinemas for alternative films to be run by VZW FONK. Construction began a short while ago and the project will be finished in autumn 2016. 

The project is a co-development by ION and Allfin with the aim of giving the neighbourhood a boost. The design, by the Leuven architectural firm Jaspers-Eyers, creates a synergy between the renovated historic buildings and the new, contemporary constructions. The harmonious architecture features modern, ceramic façade tiles that have a shape and colour reminiscent of old brickwork. Attention to details like these is an example of sustainable urban renewal with respect for the historic city centre. This prestigious architectural project will also create space for a cosy inner courtyard with shops and office space. 

The project also addresses the high demand for quality student accommodation and apartments in the city centre. An apartment in this project will cost as little as 160 000 euro. 


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