Alexis Spaas



Both the employees and the management have an open mind and embrace every suggestion to further optimise ION


Alexis Spaas, Business Unit Manager Brussels: 

I joined ION as a senior project developer a year and a half ago. I didn't decide overnight, because I wondered what a West Flemish company would be able to offer me. After all, my market knowledge, know-how and network are largely in the Brussels Region. However, from the very first contacts, I could feel ION's exceptionally dynamic approach, which  encouraged me to take up the challenge. 

Joining forces for a new ION branch in Brussels 

Following several enlightening conversations with CEOs Davy and Kristof, it became clear that they saw a future for ION in Brussels. They already had some projects under development there and I would have the opportunity to assume responsibility for these projects. If everything went according to plan, they told me that eventually they could even open an office there. That opened up great prospects for me: I would be able to concentrate on the market I am familiar with in my own region and at the same time help build a new story for ION. Davy and Kristof's determination to make Brussels a success story gave me the impression that it was now or never, so I jumped right in, and braced myself for an exciting ride, on a high-speed train as it were. 

A smooth start 

And so it began... In the beginning I regularly drove back and forth to Waregem, where I got to know the company and my colleagues. I was immediately charmed by the linear structure, the open corporate culture and the eagerness to continuously improve. Both the employees and the management have an open mind and embrace every suggestion to further optimise ION. 

In the meantime, I followed up on existing projects in Brussels and I was able to seize new opportunities. After a while, the combination of my experience in Brussels and the strong support I received from the team in Waregem allowed me to effectively set up an office and build a team in Brussels. Here, too, the typical ION style came into play: a quick but well-considered decision, seasoned with healthy opportunism and supported by an efficient organisation. 

Close cooperation 

Today, the contagious ION spirit can be felt all the way to Brussels, also thanks to close contact with the people at the head office. We hear each other every day, I often go to the head office but I also regularly see colleagues from Waregem in Brussels for consultations. This interaction is greatly appreciated and encouraged. 

Intelligent growth structure 

We have noticed that our local presence in Brussels offers absolute added value in terms of efficiency and market knowledge, for clients and partners alike. In order to further prepare for the future as a fast-growing company, our CEOs decided to continue to embed ION at a regional level through various business units spread across Flanders. This new and well-thought-out structure is a unique opportunity for me and my (new) colleagues to do business and assume responsibility. As Business Unit Manager for the Brussels Region, I am responsible for my business unit and my team, but I can count on the support of the head office to continue to put ION on the map in Brussels. Entrepreneurship in a healthy structure: that's an opportunity I wouldn't want to miss out on. 

ION is looking for Business Unit Managers for the Antwerp and Limburg regions. Are you an experienced project developer and would you like to do business yourself? Feel free to contact me. I would love to share my experiences with you. You can also apply via our job site. 

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