De Warmste Week


‘De warmste week’, a fundraiser for worthy causes, is coming to Kortrijk and ION is joining in! The whole month of December we will be organising all kinds of activities to raise funds for Groep Ubuntu x 8K, an organisation that supports people with a mental disability. On Thursday 19 December the site of ‘De warmste week’ in Kortrijk will turn red and we will hand over our proceeds to the StuBru presenters together with a lot of ION colleagues.

Why Groep Ubuntu x 8K?

Groep Ubuntu x 8K is the organisation that runs our project Atelier Jules in the heart of Kortrijk. It is a day centre, workshop and residential care centre for people with an acquired intellectual disability. Throughout the month, we will not only raise money, but our employees will also get a better insight into this social project supported by ION through various activities. 

What is ION doing?

#1: St Nicholas breakfast 

On 6 December we will organise a St Nicholas breakfast for all the companies at the Waregem Business Park. Between 8 am and 9 am all colleagues can enjoy a delicious breakfast pack. 

#2: Lunch at De BOkes 

De BOkes is a lunch restaurant run by Groep Ubuntu x 8K close to the site where ION is developing Atelier Jules. We are planning to have lunch there in groups of eight employees: an ideal way to get to know new colleagues and the non-profit organisation. 

#3: Het Andere Geschenk at ION 

On 13 December, our employees will be able to purchase original gifts for the festivities from Het Andere Geschenk, which sells products that are hand-made by people with a mental disability. They will bring chocolate, jam, olive oil, tapenade and many other delicacies to our offices. 

#4: The handover of Big Freddy 

Big Freddy is a large piggy bank in the shape of a frog that has been at our offices for a while. Every now and then a colleague has to put a small contribution in the piggy bank, for example if he or she hasn't tidied up the meeting room ... We are curious to find out how much there is in Freddy's belly by now. Extra donations are welcome until 19 December! 

#5: Head home safely after the Winter Event 

At the annual ION Winter Event we will be selling breathalysers for €2 each. The proceeds will go to a good cause and it is the perfect way to encourage all colleagues to head home safely. 

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