Gent Fluvius
Schelde-Lieve Fluvius

Fluvius - Ghent

Investment value

20 millon EUR


6460 m2


Wielfaert architecten


Start works april 2022, completion end 2023
Gent Fluvius

Sustainable business site

This new company site will serve as the operating base for Fluvius employees in the Schelde-Lieve region. They will move in at the end of 2023. Fluvius has opted for a future-oriented, sustainable and energy-efficient business site. The office building will house 119 sedentary and 23 semi-ambulatory regional employees, and encompasses a warehouse for 60 technicians and an outdoor storage area for logistical equipment and waste containers.

The site will additionally benefit from the necessary mobility, charging and parking facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and motorised transport users ( i.e. service vehicles, cars and motorcycles). Integrated greenery will meanwhile ensure a harmonious whole, with sustainability as a central pillar. The building project will adhere to the regulations specified in the Flemish government’s GRO sustainability scheme. The aim at the time of submitting the environmental permit, was for a 20% improvement on current EPB legislation. Power monitoring and water recycling have also been incorporated into this ambitious concept.

Gent Fluvius
The location constitutes an asset in terms of accessibility for all municipalities in Fluvius’ Schelde-Lieve region.

Optimal mobility

The future Fluvius site scores extremely highly in terms of mobility. There is a bus and tram connection within 1 km of the building, and the train station is located less than 3 km away. The site is readily accessible by bicycle, via a network of cycle paths and cycle highways. And a cycle path is being constructed immediately adjacent to the site, in addition to the building works.

“I’m delighted with Fluvius’ arrival in The Loop. We’re designing a new futuristic district at this readily accessible location, with space not only designated for offices; but also retail, leisure, parks, housing and public facilities. This combination of amenities will make for a vibrant city district,” says City of Ghent Mayor, Matthias De Clercq.

Eerstesteenlegging Gent Fluvius

Laying the foundation stone: commencement of works

The laying of the foundation stone on 15 June symbolised the official commencement of works on Ghent Fluvius. Employees will move in at the end of 2023. Want to know more? Read the article.

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