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Vives City

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100% sold

Investment value

20 million EUR


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A new campus in Bruges

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ION is building a new campus in Bruges on behalf of VIVES University of Applied Sciences: VIVES City. The new campus is an addition to the existing VIVES campus. The new complex consists of classrooms, auditorium and student accommodation. All student rooms are rented by VIVES for 27 years, and you, as an investor, can enjoy them.

  • New campus: VIVES City
  • 138 student rooms rented for 27 years by VIVES
  • Build classrooms & auditorium for VIVES Business School
  • Greenery
  • Construction of new cycle path
Vives City studentenkamers

7 reasons to invest in Vives City student housing

  1. 27 years of guaranteed returns
    Investing in VIVES City student rooms means having your money pay off for 27 years with peace of mind. The student accommodation is rented by VIVES Hogeschool, which takes care of the rental and general operation.
  2. 100% carefree
    The 'stewardship' principle allows you to sleep soundly while your real estate investment pays off.
  3. No vacancy risk
    In addition, you do not have to worry at all about looking for a tenant, so that vacancy is not an issue at VIVES City when re-letting.
  4. Perfect maintenance of your property
    Maintenance of your property is also arranged for you.
  5. Accessible starting prices
    From € 152.000 euros you can already buy a student room and let your money return with certainty.
  6. 6% VAT
    On top of that you can also enjoy an advantageous VAT regime.
  7. Automatic indexation of rental income
    Your rental income indexes every year, so you don't have to monitor this yourself.


Prime location of the campus

Kaart Vives City

The location is a unique asset of VIVES City. Centrally located on the green campus, near the main building of the VIVES North Catholic University College and next to the new multifunctional Xaverianen campus. In addition, VIVES City is also extremely accessible by bicycle, car and public transport.

  • Unique location in the heart of the Vives Campus Bruges
  • Near the new multifunctional sports campus (sports, culture and leisure).
  • Excellent accessibility: students reach the station in just 5 minutes by bike, and the historic center of Bruges is 15 minutes away.
  • Located along the express road, which connects Bruges with the E403 and E40, Vives City is also easily accessible by car.

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