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VIVES University of Applied Sciences in Bruges is investing in a new college complex, VIVES City, to boost its campus. In order to further strengthen its position in the educational sector in Bruges, VIVES is investing in an iconic building. VIVES is known for its high-quality and liveable campuses, and once again, it is relying on high-quality architecture for its expansion. After all, the learning and working environment for students and staff is becoming increasingly important when choosing a specific college.

Vives City Bruges ION

The new VIVES City building will be the link between the neighbourhood, the multifunctional complex 'Xaverianen' and the existing VIVES Bruges campus. The building, which is characterised by a rounded shape with a green courtyard, creates a cosy atmosphere but through a number of well-considered cut-outs in the design, it also shows a great openness to the neighbourhood, as well as to the other functions on campus. This project is more than just a building, it is an urban planning project in which all functions are brought together and the campus feeling is reinforced. In addition, the master plan of the site is also adapted to the new situation. A new cycling path will make the entire site more accessible and guarantee the safety of vulnerable road users. The cycling path will cross the site and connect to the cycling path along Expressweg and the cycling path to the multifunctional complex ‘Xaverianen’.  As such, VIVES is firmly committed to protecting vulnerable road users, as more and more VIVES students and staff are choosing to cycle to the campus. Finally, sufficient extra parking spaces will also be provided and the high-quality green areas on the site will be put in the spotlight. 

The architect, Olivier Salens, managed to pour all of these complex demands into a new iconic building for VIVES. The programme consists of three parts: (i) a centre for lifelong learning, (ii) classrooms to extend the current offer and (iii) student accommodation including common parts. This complex set of requirements will be poured into a building with a contemporary and timeless architecture. 

The development and the project management of the complex were entrusted to ION. As a professional developer, ION has built up extensive expertise in the development of complex real-estate projects, including student accommodation and school buildings. The total investment value of the building is estimated at twenty million euros. VIVES will buy part of the building and rent part of the building on a long-term basis. The permit application for the complex was submitted earlier this week. Once the final permit has been granted,  the construction is expected to be completed within approximately 18 to 24 months. 

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