Sportcomplex Houthulst

New sports complex

This week, Sport Vlaanderen, the Flemish sports agency under the authority of Minister Philippe Muyters, approved a subsidy of 925,000 euros for the development of the new sports complex in Houthulst. In 2018, project developer ION will start construction works on a new gym, indoor tennis courts, a new cafeteria near the current sports hall, a building dedicated to music and culture, and a football stand with an adjoining cafeteria. Over the next 54 years, the municipality will acquire the site through a long lease. 

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BRUSSELS  – 19 December 2017 

20 million euros for sports infrastructure  

Flemish Minister of Sports Philippe Muyters has awarded more than 20 million euros in subsidies to 44 supralocal sports infrastructure projects spread across Flanders, ranging from new construction projects to renovations. Next year, the initiators can once again compete for subsidies, this time amounting to 25 million euros.  

Since his appointment as Flemish Minister of Sports, Philippe Muyters has consistently focused on the renovation and expansion of the sports infrastructure in Flanders. "That was also highly necessary," says Minister Muyters. "Our sports halls and swimming pools were seriously outdated and faced major shortcomings. We really had to step in. In my first years as Minister of Sports, I worked on the most acute problems, such as the swimming pools. But in the meantime I have developed a more demand-oriented system which allows interested parties to submit projects themselves every year. It has proved to be a success. In this call we received 67 applications, 44 of which have been accepted.”   

This demand-oriented system is the Sports Infrastructure Plan, which offers private and public parties the opportunity to submit projects of supralocal interest every year. Flanders subsidises up to 30% of the investment amount, up to 1.25 million euros per project, from newbuilds to renovations. All projects are screened by a committee and subsequently, a ranking is drawn up. 
Minister of Sports Muyters explains, "In this first call of its kind, we were able to allocate a total of more than 20 million euros to 44 projects. As a result, over the next few years, through this call alone we will invest around 127 million euros in supralocal sports infrastructure throughout Flanders. The projects are very diverse and range from supralocal sports halls and swimming pools to climbing halls, BMX courses, athletics tracks, hockey pitches and an ice skating rink. This will give sports in Flanders an extra boost next year".  

Subsidy applications may be resubmitted in March next year. Through the transfer of this year's budgets, 25 million euros will be made available. "It is my goal to get as many people as possible involved in sports. And a beautiful, modern and well-equipped sports hall, climbing wall, sports pitch or swimming pool is just the right way to entice people to exercise," Minister of Sports Muyters concludes.  

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