Nowadays, newbuild homes are often purchased before the first stone has been laid. This offers the advantage of having a significant say in the finishing of your house or flat. On the other hand, such decisions may also entail a great deal of paperwork and stress. This is no longer the case thanks to ION, because we provide personal assistance to anyone who purchases a newbuild home from us. To do so, we work with Ziggu, an online customer service tool. 

Step 1: Create your personal ION account

Once you have purchased a house or flat from ION, you will receive a login to your personal account on Ziggu. You can use this online platform to store all documents, messages and updates. As well to keep an overview of every step from purchase to final acceptance and be kept informed of all new developments. 

Step 2: Closely monitor the project 

You will regularly receive updates on the construction: pictures of the construction site, interesting facts about your new neighbourhood and much more. If you have any questions, you can start a chat with your personal account manager. 

Step 3: Choose your bathroom, kitchen and building plan 

Purchasing on the basis of plans gives you a lot of options. For instance, you can decide which building plan, kitchen and bathroom you want. You will find a practical overview of all options on your ION account. You can even approve and sign online documents. It’s easy and quick and reduces the amount of paperwork considerably. 

Step 4: Get personal assistance 

Ziggu is a useful online tool, but it cannot replace direct personal contact. As an ION customer, you always communicate with your own account manager. Each account manager manages two or three projects. Do you want to ask a question to a supplier? No problem! You can contact our partners via this tool as well. 

Step 5: Design your interior 

Once you have made the first choices, you can think about decorating your home. You can find inspiration and create your own mood board on Ziggu. This may come in handy when visiting showrooms! 

Step 6: Store everything at one location 

After the final acceptance, you can download your entire online file. Your Ziggu profile will continue to exist, so that you can easily consult everything afterwards. 



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