Antwerpse Cadixwijk

Redevelopment of the Cadix district 

The redevelopment of the former dockland district Cadix on the so-called ‘Eilandje’ (‘Islet’) in the north of Antwerp is in full swing. On a total surface of 260,000 m², the city of Antwerp plans a sustainable, phased, integrated area development. Apart from an extensive residential development, aimed at attracting new and young families, there will also be commercial properties, offices and community facilities. The current reconstruction of the residential area surrounding the ‘Kattendijk’ dock is the second stage of this massive redevelopment. 

Commissioning authority AG Vespa 

The overall management of the integrated area development of the Cadix district is coordinated by the Autonomous Municipal Company for Real Estate and City Projects Antwerp (AG Vespa). During this second stage, AG Vespa is the commissioning authority for the sale of a plot of building land with a total surface of 5,126 m². This building project, strategically located along the Londenstraat and at the gateway to the Cadix district, will determine the Eilandje’s visual identity. Furthermore, the plot also allows for a housing block overlooking the ‘Kattendijk’ dock to be built. The project aims to provide a functional mix of different housing types, as well as small-scale catering businesses, retail and offices. 

ION-LIFE selected for tender 

The sale procedure as determined by AG Vespa is about to enter a new stage. During a competition for potential buyers, held by the property management company, 17 Belgian developers submitted a proposal. One of those 17 buyer candidates was property developer ION, who joined forces with the Antwerp-based developer LIFE in the joint venture ION-LIFE. The commissioning authority has now selected three laureates with the strongest visions: Re-Vive, CIP and ION-LIFE. They are expected to present their proposed project for the development of the building plot by October 9. 

Sustainable development of the Cadix district 

ION-LIFE has designed a mixed project that supports the mission and core values of the reconstruction of the Eilandje. Both partners wish to contribute to the sustainable development of the Cadix district. This design competition offers both partners the opportunity to create a landmark for Antwerp’s Eilandje and therefore we have decided to create an iconic building that respects the historic architectural values of the Cadix district. In order to do so, ION-LIFE has selected an impressive team of architects: FVWW (Frederic Vandoninck Wouter Willems architects), De Smet Vermeulen architects, Havan-a (Haerynck Vanmeirhaeghe architects) and De Gouden Liniaal. The engineering agency Ingenium will assist ION-LIFE in safeguarding the project’s sustainability. 

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