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After years of sleek design, white and grey tones and ‘less is more’, the interior design world is now slowly moving into a different direction. There is more room for bold ideas, colour, daring combinations and personality in an interior. Fascinating times for interior architect Elke Deceuninck, who will gladly guide you through the interior trends of the future. 

After running her own interior design business for 10 years, Elke Deceuninck enthusiastically took on a position as an interior designer at ION this summer. A real game changer. Although she continues to pursue her passion for interior design on a daily basis, it was still a genuine career switch in many ways. "I used to have more direct contact with my clients. I helped them with the concrete design of their house, from A to Z. As an employee of a project developer, things are slightly different. Now I mainly work on the basis of an interior: I think about the floors, lighting, kitchen design and sanitary facilities. That is certainly no less challenging or fascinating, because a good basis for each interior is a key aspect. Then we look at how we can further decorate that basis," says Elke.  

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What makes a good basis in your opinion?

Elke Deceuninck: "The general lines of an interior should evoke tranquillity. I create that tranquillity using natural, eco-friendly and sustainable materials such as wood and natural stone. Those are all in line with the Scandinavian, minimalist trend that has made a comeback everywhere in recent years. The basis of an interior is still very much inspired by that, but the rest of the design gives us some more leeway." 

In what sense?

"We come from a time when everything had to be clean. Now we are seeing trends that try to counter that: today, a hip interior mixes all kinds of styles. For example, the typical elements from the 70s, 80s and 90s have all made a comeback. And you certainly don't have to limit yourself to one decade, on the contrary. Mix & match is the thread running through today's interior design trends." 

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Concretely, which trends from the past are back in style?

"A fine example is corduroy. This popular fabric from the 70s first came back into fashion and is now sneaking into our interiors. Another trend that is back is wicker. In the years to come, we will see wicker chairs, baskets, lampshades and flower pots everywhere again. These will blend in nicely with another trend: the botanical trend. Interiors will once again be bursting with greenery. And here, too, combining is a must: feel free to put large plants in a wicker flower pot next to a seventies chair and a sleek coffee table." 

And in terms of colour, which trends can we expect to see?

"In terms of colours too we are gradually moving away from white and grey tones. However, I certainly don't mean they're disappearing. They remain important, but in addition to the neutral colours, there is room for warm accent colours. For 2019, we have orange, curry yellow, chilli red, gold and bronze, but beige and brown shades are also set to make a comeback. This time not in the typical Flemish fermette style, but as warm accents in a sleek interior." 

To what extent can you, as a project developer, go along with these trends? 

"Of course, that depends very much on the client's preferences. As I said earlier, we mainly work with sustainable and timeless basic materials, but that doesn't mean that I can never do my own thing with them. To give you an example, some residents have already asked me for a nice twist in their interior. A unique tile shape above the stove for example, or an alcove in an unexpected material. It's those little things that characterise ION for me, unique touches that make our projects just that tiny bit different". 


Elke Deceuninck studied interior design and garden architecture. She has worked as an interior designer and she ran her own concept shop, among others. Today she is an interior designer at ION. Elke lives in Oostakker near Ghent with her partner and three children. 

Redecorating? Discover Elke’s 5 tips! 

1.Choose understated, timeless and valuable materials for structural finishes such as floors, walls and stairs. 

2. Photograph your current interior and take a critical look at the photos. Looking at your space from a distance will make you more objective. It will allow you to spot less beautiful or messy things much faster than when you just walk through your house. 

3. Stay true to your own style: among the trends you are bound to find something that will suit you. 

4. Let plenty of light in! Lots of natural light during the day and beautiful artificial light in the evening. 

5. Make it cosy and create a homely feel with carpets, cushions and personal keepsakes. 

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