Looking ahead to future generations, we are all doing our best to reduce our impact on the climate. The ultimate goal? A sustainable planet. For years, ION has gone to great lengths to reduce its CO₂ emissions to the absolute minimum. 

Breathing space in the city 

Did you know that more and more people are moving to the cities? They want to live and work there, and above all enjoy the perks of city life. The logical consequence? A lot of new urban construction projects. Fortunately, that needn’t be bad news for the climate. CO₂-neutral construction is the future for ION, resulting in a low environmental impact and fresh city air. After all, in order to thrive, a city needs to be able to breathe. 

What is CO₂-neutral construction? 

ION is the first project developer in Belgium to have been awarded the CO₂-neutral label. And that is not just any label. It is only awarded to companies that make serious climate efforts, by CO₂logic, a business with a passion for the environment. CO₂logic first analyses the footprint of companies, and then helps them to reduce and offset their emissions. 

Thanks to CO₂Logic, ION can carry out its projects with a minimal impact on the climate. 

How does ION reduce its footprint? 

Every year, we do better. The figures in CO₂logic's annual analysis prove this. Our initial efforts saved no less than 7.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide, and that amount is increasing every year. 

This is how we are making ION's footprint smaller and smaller: 

First and foremost, ION reduces its own CO₂ emissions. This can sometimes be achieved by making small adjustments, such as keeping the tyre pressure of commercial vehicles at an optimum level. That alone saves you 1.5 tonnes of CO₂ per year! In addition, the energy we consume is primarily green - wind or solar energy, or energy from other natural sources. 

But there’s more. We offset our remaining emissions elsewhere. In Africa, for example, where due to the rapid population growth, a lot of wood is used for cooking, which puts pressure on the forests and results in high CO₂ emissions. That is why, through CO₂Logic, we support projects that save forests in Africa and distribute better cooking stoves to the population. That results in a reduction of several tonnes of carbon dioxide, decreasing the pressure on our planet. At the same time, the project protects people in Africa from harmful wood smoke. In a nutshell, a small impact on the climate, a big impact on their lives. 

The earth offers us all a beautiful home. So we'd better take good care of it. Let's join forces for a green future! 

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