To expand the market, we are launching a new real-estate fund with ION in September. To do so, we are looking to raise 100 million euros. With the extra money raised, we want to realise 1.2 billion in developments both in Belgium and abroad. 

High return

In this new fund we will pool 100 million euros of private investments. The minimum investment is 1 million euro. As for the return, we are aiming for 15 to 20 percent on equity. "We set the bar this high because with a lower return you quickly get into trouble if a project starts struggling a little," says Davy Demuynck, our managing partner. 

Develop differently 

"We want our company to make a difference in the way we develop, in terms of financing and long-term strategy. ION should be worth more than the discounted value of the pipeline of projects. We want to create a strong brand that exudes quality, knowledge and sustainability."


"Currently, a third of our portfolio has been developed together with other companies. We like to work with partners because they have specific expertise, they are strongly rooted locally or they hold a strategic position. For this new fund we are once again joining forces with partners to further enrich the market as a first mover." 

(Text based on the interview of Trends journalist Hans Brockmans with Davy Demuynck and Kristof Vanfleteren. Photo: Jonas Lampens)


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