“I spent four years working as a Marketing Expert in ION’s digital department. My tasks involved commercializing various projects and looking for the right clients. This allowed me to meet young investors looking for intermediate solutions to invest even at a young age. That’s how Immotokens came about!”

Immotokens is a Ghent-based start-up that lets anyone invest in real estate with as little as 50 euros. Their objective is to create an open and accessible platform for everyone to enjoy the benefits of real estate investment.

At present, real estate investments are mainly for people with substantial wealth or who receive financial support from family. Former ION employee Edgar Warmoes wants to change this as soon as possible with his start-up Immotokens. They want to use their new platform to make real estate accessible and attractive to everyone.

Edgar Warmoes

Bits of real estate

By now, everyone has heard of Bitcoin, the first decentralized digital currency without a central bank or administrator. But have you heard of Immotokens? Warmoes recently launched a start-up under this name that uses blockchain technology to create tokens for real estate. With these tokens, you can divide properties into multiple, smaller bits. Anyone buying these bits or Immotokens will receive the

Not a bridge too far

Launching a start-up like that is no small feat. The Immotokens team also encountered many challenges. Technologically, they had a difficult start with a long search for the right developers with the necessary expertise. They put together an international team, and so, the platform was born, at least online. The legal framework also took some considerable thought. They collaborated with their law firm on choosing a solid legal framework with a loan structure. They also had a crucial meeting with the FSMA, the Financial Services and Markets Authority. In all, the project took about three years to develop.

Rental income

So, how does the platform work in practice? Anyone can become a property owner by following the eight simple steps on Immotoken’s website. Select a real estate project of your choice from an overview and enter an investment amount of no less than €50. You will then receive a percentage of the rental income every six months and also a part of the subsequent sales value. And what about the start-up itself? The start-up gets its income from commissions on the purchase of the tokens and the sale of the property. 


If reading this article has made you keen to buy some tokens, you can already invest today in a small studio in Ixelles, Brussels. For now, this is the first and only project for which you can buy tokens. In the future, Immotokens wants to make it possible to invest in larger properties, such as supermarkets or offices. We are looking forward to it!

You can take a look at their website now.

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