Is the construction and follow-up of a new industrial project or office building not your cup of tea? Then discover our Build to Suit approach, customised project development without all the worries and nasty financial surprises. 

Are you an entrepreneur or institute and do you have a concept or a location in mind? Then ION takes this 100% into account. We take care of the project from A to Z in a sustainable manner, and ensure you don’t need to worry about a thing. 

Build to suit

Build to Suit is so much more than just a customised approach. It involves the development of a building that meets all requirements, without compromises, delays and unexpected costs. We start off by taking into account the specific wishes of the client. All the client has to do is turn the key. We apply this approach to all segments of the real-estate market, from offices and public utility buildings to industrial buildings. 

All too often, project developers still only see things from a top-down perspective when creating a new building. They come up with their own concept, but they do not take sufficient account of the environment and the wishes of their customers. ION goes against the flow and offers a customised project development through Build to Suit. 

The 6 steps of Build to Suit

Curious to discover how we adopt the Build to Suit principle from start tot finish? 

1. We start by listening to your needs and wishes, and look for buildings or sites that meet the desired look and feel. You can rest assured that we have all the required expertise under one roof: commercial, legal, financial and technical. Build to Suit does not mean you have to purchase the building. There are many other possibilities, such as rent, ground lease or exchange.  

2. Furthermore, the feasibility of the selected sites is examined through negotiations with all parties involved. Thanks to our network, market knowledge, experience and economies of scale, we are able to take a firm stand in these negotiations. In this way, we keep the price extremely competitive and the client is guaranteed to receive the most accurate price estimate. 

3. In the next step we make a final design and financial proposal. In this phase, the cooperation agreement is signed. 

4. We then take care of everything, from applying for the building permit to the purchase of the land and the tender with the construction partners. This can, of course, be done in full consultation with the client, if desired. We can also pre-finance the building in full so that you only pay when the building has been completed. In this way you do not lose valuable time and you can focus on what is important to you. 

5. ION then starts the construction of the project. No long-winded procedures and unexpected problems. As a transparent partner, we go for a straightforward and pleasant collaboration. 

6. Finally, the client gets access to the completed building and we take care of the transfer of ownership. 

Build to Suit

Sustainability is key

As a CO2-neutral project developer, ION plays a pioneering role in sustainability. The latest ecological and cost-reducing techniques are used in all projects. These smart applications create comfortable, healthy and inspiring places to work, shop or study. Always with respect for the environment. We do not offer bricks, but rather a great energy-efficient approach in which the client feels at home. To us, that’s what counts the most. 

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