Waregem Koerse

ION pulls off another sensational stunt at the ultimate horse-racing event

After last year’s eye-catching mobile Skybox, project developer ION will be turning heads once more at this year’s Great Flanders Steeple Chase, locally known as Waregem Koerse. The Waregem-based company will be setting up a full-fledged photo studio where visitors can have their picture taken … on horseback. 

By way of digital manipulation, of course. The studio will feature a chroma key: a green screen that allows for the photographed subjects to be added seamlessly into a pre-existing image — in this case onto a horse, right as it’s jumping over the nearby Gaverbeek. 

With this initiative, ION aims to promote Waregem Business Park, its ambitious architectural office complex that is set to open in 2018, just a stone’s throw from the legendary hippodrome. 

Just like Willy and Marie-Jeanne 

Everyone who has their picture taken at the ION booth will be given a photo slip with the result, and the pictures will also be automatically published to ION’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/IONDevelopDifferent). People who then go and tag themselves in this online photo album stand a chance to win a Waregem Voucher with a value of €500. ION also had an advertisement created for the photo booth, featuring two very special models: none other than the ever-photogenic Willy Naessens and his wife Marie-Jeanne. 

Waregem Business Park 

Construction for the brand-new Waregem Business Park is now underway, and this complex — spanning five buildings — will be inaugurated in the spring of 2018. Its unapologetically modern architecture and central location are proving quite popular, as 75% of the available surfaces have already been allocated. ION itself will occupy the central building. 

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