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Suikerpark is the ideal place to invest in real estate locally. You invest in a new city district with high-quality new-build houses or apartments. This not only attracts good tenants, but you also have more certainty of a nice added value.

Suikerpark comes to life in a smooth transition from city to park.
Suikerpark wonen in het groen

4 reasons to invest in Suikerpark

  1. There is a great shortage of rental houses and apartments in Veurne. A smooth rental is therefore assured.
  2. Suikerpark is a completely new district within walking distance to public transport, within 10 minutes by bike in the center of Veurne and right next to a nature park. The ideal location to rent out.
  3. Great added value potential. The entire neighborhood will be upgraded in the coming years with the construction of a bicycle network, a hammock zone, a playground, an events square, a fishing pond, city gardens, etc.
  4. In Suikerpark, we are committed to a sustainable and maximum quality of life for residents. Thanks to the various actions we are taking for this, Suikerpark is the exemplary project for the Flemish Neighborhood Sustainability Meter that determines the extent to which a new-build project is sustainable. This is done on the basis of various criteria such as smooth mobility, the reuse of water, smart energy use ...

Suikerpark, a completely new district in Veurne

Next to the center of Veurne, easily accessible

From Suikerpark you are within 5 minutes in the historic center of Veurne via the new bicycle bridge. For those who continue to work, the highway or train station is a few minutes away. In addition to daily enjoyment, you can also use all the facilities in Suikerpark. This way you can enjoy cozy neighborhood BBQs or local neighborhood meetings. And so much more:

  • Playground
  • Bicycle network
  • Hammock area
  • Viewpoint over the nature park
  • Sports field
  • Event square with tribute
  • Fish pond
  • City gardens
At ION you can use an all-in stewardship at a unique discount rate.
Suikertoren Skyflats Suikerpark

Preselect by ION

Would you like to invest in real estate, but do you not feel like looking for tenants yourself, following up on payment and carrying out any repairs? Do you also want to pay as little as possible for this unburdening? Then ION has the ideal solution for you. We are happy to offer you a complete care-free service at unprecedented competitive rates. We can do this because we negotiated rates for the entire building. This way, you as an individual investor can benefit from the group rate. This service is completely optional.

The possibilities

Galerij I Suikerpark
  • Apartments in Galerij 1 from € 162,500. Affordable apartments with a view of the Suikerplein.
  • Parkflats in the highest tower of Veurne from € 182,000.
  • Soon launch of new starter homes, ideal as an investment


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