Looking for a hassle-free property investment?

Municipalities and their social rental agencies (SRAs) are often looking for local houses or apartments to rent out to the underprivileged. In return for the provision of accommodation, the rental agency offers a lot of guarantees and benefits: you get a fixed rental contract, they are responsible for repairs and maintenance, and so on... For some projects, the municipality asks for several houses to be made available. We are happy to offer them to you as an investment.


Advantages of investing with SRA's

Investing with an SRA offers the following advantages:

  • Assurance of rental income
  • Completely carefree
  • Fixed return (no risk of vacancy)
  • 12% VAT
  • Reduction of property tax
  • Perfect maintenance of your property
  • No administrative hassle

Capronnier: invest in Brussels with a fixed return for 30 years

Inflation-proof investment in the Brussels Canal Zone thanks to rental guarantee.

With Capronnier, you opt for a project with a rental guarantee. Your income is then always guaranteed and index-linked. Moreover, the rental service takes care of the maintenance and repairs of your apartment. This ensures a worry-free stable additional income for 30 years.

Project Capronnier