Capronnier Schaerbeek
Investment opportunity

Capronnier - Brussels




Start of commercialisation in 2021
Reduced VAT rate
Only 12%!
Social Rental Agency
Fixed return
For 30 years
Low starting price
From €195,000 excl. VAT

Get up to €1,048 every month. Guaranteed and indexed.

With Capronnier you choose a project with a rental guarantee. Your income will always be guaranteed and indexed. Moreover, the rental service takes care of maintenance and repairs. So you can be sure of a carefree, stable supplementary income for 30 years.

Map Capronnier
The canal zone in Brussels is THE place to invest now

Invest in one of the most ambitious urban development projects in Brussels.

As an investor, you can invest at the perfect time in the perfect place. In the coming years, there will be an incredible increase in value around the Brussels canal zone. This is thanks to the enormous developments that the city will be carrying out there. And as an investor, you can enjoy the benefits.

Due to the great shortage of rental properties, you as an investor get fantastic guarantees and benefits.

Looking for tenants? No need to. A waiting list of more than 40,000 tenants is immediately available to you.

Anyone who invests in Capronnier is guaranteed a monthly rental income for 30 years. How is that possible you may ask? Well, for years there has been a chronic shortage of affordable rental housing in Brussels. Social rental offices are subsidised by the government in order to create rental opportunities.

Because there is such a shortage, you as an investor get such fantastic guarantees. You always have guaranteed returns.

Brussel Capronnier
Each year, the rent increases automatically and you receive more rent without having to do anything.

Your rental income increases every year. Automatically.

The rental contract states black on white that your rental income is directly and automatically linked to the index. Your investment is thus fully inflation-proof.

Investeringsmogelijkheid Capronnier
No other property investment gives you so much security and so little worry.

You never have to worry about anything. All repairs, rentals, problems... are solved for you free of charge.

The rental service "Districts" takes care of everything for you. All you have to do is enjoy your rental income and the extra free time.

Capronnier in Brussel
You do not pay any property tax and only 6% VAT

Save thousands of euros in taxes. Every year.

As an investor, you naturally want more return instead of more taxes. At Capronnier, the tax part is perfectly optimised. At the start you pay only 6% VAT instead of 21%. This allows you to save up to € 30,000 in the first year of your investment.

In addition, as an investor, you are completely exempt from property tax. A tax advantage that saves you up to €1,500 every year. Whoever invests in Capronnier pays the absolute minimum in taxes, year after year.

Interieur Capronnier
Binnentuin Capronnier

Your investment opportunity: Capronnier. A fantastic sustainable and value-retaining project.

  • From studios to 5 bedrooms
  • Each flat has a spacious terrace
  • The unique green garden provides a cosy living experience
  • The sustainable building materials ensure an energy-compliant building
  • A unique design by DDS+ architects
  • Easy to reach location
  • Within walking distance of restaurants, supermarkets etc
  • High-quality finishes with attention to light

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